Collect Signatures

Why should people sign the petition?

Canadian law says that a child in the womb is not a human being (Section 223 Criminal Code of Canada). Every year approximately 475,000 children are conceived in Canada, yet they remain invisible in the eyes of the law and their right to life is unrecognized and unprotected. Even if the mother places value on her pre-born baby, not one child in the womb has their life protected by law in Canada.

Section 223 of the Criminal Code of Canada excludes children in the womb from the legal classification of “Human Being” which means their lives do not have the legal protection that the rest of us who are born enjoy in Canada.

We reject this antiquated definition of a human being. Current embryology and scientific evidence leave no shadow of doubt that the child in the womb is a human being from its earliest beginnings.

That is why we are launching this petition. Canadian pre-born children are deserving of full legal protection and the right to life.


We need you to canvas your community and collect as many signatures as you can.

Who should I canvas?

  • Your friends
  • Your colleagues
  • Your church members
  • Your neighbours
  • Your classmates
  • Your teachers
  • Your whole street
  • Your community