Launch of the Petition of One Million 2019

On the day our Ontario Government introduces draconian legislation to defend a right that is non-existant in our Canadian Constitution, that is the  so-called right to choose (abortion) Alliance for Life Ontario announces the launch of the Petition of One Million 2019  Project.

This project defends every Canadian’s right to life from his/her biological beginnings and asks that our Federal Parliament finally provide justice and Constitutional protection for the right to life of all Canadians.

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Note: “The majority of the Court did not rule that women had an unconditional right to abortion under the Charter. On the contrary, it merely concluded that the existing provisions on abortions were such as to impair irretrievably a pregnant woman’s section 7 rights. All five Justices comprising the majority acknowledged that the interests of the fetus were deserving of constitutional recognition under section 1.”

80-9E Abortion: Legal Aspects 18th March 1980, Revised 18th September 1989 Parliamentary Library of Canada research Branch Monique Hebert, Mollie Duusmuir Law and Government Division.