//Sample Talk

The invitation to sign the Petition of One Million 2019

The talk (5-7 minutes) in which parishioners are invited to sign The Petition of One Million 2019 is given after at each Service/Mass on Sign the Petition Sunday or Weekend.

In addition to its role in attracting people to sign the petition, this talk is the primary means of educating people about the Petition of One Million 2019.

Good Morning/Afternoon, My name is… and I am here with an invitation for you that could effectively change our Canadian landscape.

I am going to ask you to consider signing The Petition of One Million 2019 in order to persuade our Canadian Parliament to protect the lives of our children before birth. This may very well be one of the greatest opportunities of our lives to save the lives of the tiniest of our neighbours, those in the womb.

In 1969, Canadian law withdrew the protection it had always given to the lives of children in the womb when it introduced the abortion law. Since then almost 4,000,000 children have been killed by induced abortion. Sadly, then as now, while defined as a child, the little one in the womb was not and is legally recognized as a human being.

I am aware that each of us has to find time and space to sort out the demands of our complicated, busy lives and give time to God and community.  But we know it is our duty to care about our neighbours which Jesus outlined so beautifully in the parable of the “Good Samaritan”.

In that parable we note that the help was freely given with no hesitation, a compassion which saw the injustice, the pain and the suffering and sought to do everything within its power to see the “neighbor” cared for, protected and healed.

I am not asking you to seek out an injustice and solve it. What I am asking for and our Canadian children in the womb are asking for is your voice, speaking in the form of a signature demanding that there little lives be legally protected from the beginning.

By signing The Petition of One Million 2019 you have an excellent opportunity to participate in a dynamic way in making history in Canada by extending protection of human life to those, as yet unborn Canadians.

I invite you to come…(downstairs, into the hall in the far corner, in your pews) and sign the Petition of One Million and/or take a petition sheet home.

When it is complete return it to the church so that we can count the signatures or send it directly to Alliance for Life Ontario the address is at the bottom of the page.

Organizers will be collecting signatures up until April 2019 and the petition will be presented to Parliament at the 2019 March for Life in Ottawa.

It is hard to believe that just by signing your name you could be part of an amazing change that would take place in our country but it is true. All people of good will everywhere across Canada are being asked to support this petition.

The petition may also be downloaded from the website

We hope to have more than one sign-up Sunday and are ready to answer any questions you might have at the sign up table.

It will take you a couple of minutes to sign the petition but the result of your support will be felt throughout time in this beautiful country.

Our tiniest member of the human family is counting on your support.

Time frame for the process of signing the petition

  1. The speaker explains that the petition is available in the hall or at the doors after the processional hymn for signing and or pick-up.
  2. Hymn suggestions, “Here I Am, Lord,” “Go to the World,” Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers,” etc.
  3. The sign up table will have a Bible opened at the Good Samaritan and a candle lighted.
  4. Parishioners will gauge the importance of the process not just from what the speakers say but from how the request is presented altogether.